Kevin’s vision for our state government is one that serves and improves the lives of the citizens of South Dakota--in line with our state motto, which reminds our legislature and executive that “the people rule.”
Trust and accountability in the people's government
The will of the people

South Dakota voters demanded greater openness, more accountability, and closing loopholes that can lead to corruption in our public institutions. They voted Initiated Measure 22 into law to hold lawmakers and other state government officials accountable. The entrenched power structure in Pierre made repealing the safeguards the first item on their agenda.

Integrity in governance

Kevin's commitment to integrity in his personal life and business dealings means that accountable governance is his number-one focus. When our lawmakers and the officials whose job it is to implement those laws are beholden to the people--not to big money, not to special interests, not to VIPs--our government will work the way it was meant to: of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Investing in early childhood education
High economic returns

High-quality early childhood programs generate returns on investment of 7-13% per year. These gains are realized through improved education, health, social behavior and employment outcomes. The better we equip all children to develop the skills they need to become responsible, independent adults, the more we reap the long-term benefits. Failing to take advantage of this opportunity to improve the state's long-term economy is fiscally irresponsible.

Improved outcomes & opportunities

Quality comprehensive early learning results in more years of education, higher graduation rates, higher adult income and rates of employment for students. It can even lead to higher parental income, improving the state's economy by positively affecting multiple generations. The benefits of good early childhood education programs reach beyond pure economics: thanks to improved cognitive, social and emotional skills, the educational achievement gap and healthcare costs shrink.

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